About Us

Identify the less fortunate and assist them with IT knowledge.

Manage, promote and serve individuals and less fortunate families in Singapore with basic IT knowledge and training in simple system integration and network programming.

Provide essential knowledge and material assistance in terms educating and providing IT related products to the needy free of charge;

Provide customised and practice-oriented training for students or the youth to motivate them to develop their entrepreneurial skills and/or set up their own start-ups in the IT service provider or networking industry.



  • Through the community Comcare Applicants
  • Those who are not qualified in comcare then case by case.
  • Through recommendation from Grassroot advisors, CCC and RC / NC.
  • Through recommendation from religious group or NGO.


  • Application form to be submitted to the ITFS selection committee.
  • Processing time 5 working days.


  • Successful Applicants shall be notified by email / Phone

Rollout plan

  • Above scheme commence from 1st March 2019